Our Story

Here, everything has a story…

We are a Canadian Métis family owned storytelling business.

Our brand began in 2016, but the story had started before… The project is unparalleled, the entire line is based on blessings and we think the visuals are exceptional.

The blanket pattern was passed on to my mother from her Aunt and my Father in Law was a
Métis Elder. The collaboration of the two very unique visions brought the “Blessing Blanket” to life.

Storytelling celebrates special moments in life by keeping them alive in our hearts. The vision of
the “Blessing Blanket” was inspired from the events that weave family and friends into the story
of one’s life.

We are grateful to the individuals and families who work directly with us in the creation of each
handcrafted “Blessing Blanket”. There is No Mass Production, each "Blessing Blanket" pattern is individually cut and sewn by hand, as a result, each blanket may vary slightly.

We have brought together the finest certified European Organic materials with a warm and
gentle feel. The fabric is then printed in our original and vivid colorful designs from non-toxic,
low impact dyes to celebrate life’s precious blessings.

Each of the inspired designs of the Collection 7 Series speaks its own story. There are two (2)
very distinct sides to each “Blessing Blanket”. The outside of the blanket begins a visual story
while the narrative blessing is placed in the inside of the blanket.

The child is then wrapped in the blessing….

The definition of a blessing is a beneficial thing for which one is grateful; something that brings well-being.  (noun)

We are adding to our Collection in hoping to offer you more unique products as we grow. Each
Collection is based on storytelling.

We are in the process of gathering stories inspired by the heart of everything and we will
continue to use the finest and purest of all materials.

We are excited about our new ideas and upcoming products that we will be sharing very soon.

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Gathering stories inspired by the heart of everything...