Blessing Blankets

100% Organic Cotton

No Mass Production – Individually Hand Crafted in Canada

Each of the Blessing Blanket's of the Collection has it's own story. 

There are two very distinct sides to each blanket.  The outside of the blanket begins a visual story and a narrative blessing is placed in the center of the inside of the blanket.

The child is then wrapped in the blessing...

 We have sourced the finest quality of European Organic yarn to ensure softness and a warm feel to the "Blessing Blanket".

 The fabric is milled from certified 100% Organic Cotton then printed with our original colorful and creative designs from non-toxic, low impact dyes.

We believe in quality, each Blessing Blanket is a unique handcrafted creation.  There is No Mass Production, each Blessing Blanket pattern is cut out by hand and the components sewn together, each blanket may slightly vary. 

Blessing Blanket Size:  Generously sized at approximately 40” by 40” – Large enough for babies and infants in their first years.

A keepsake deserves to be pampered - we recommend the following care when washing and handling:  Machine wash in cold water, gentle cycle, no bleach or fabric softener. Lay flat to dry.

Hand Crafted in Canada from globally sourced pure materials.

May the “Blessing Blanket” be the beginning of your own individual story…